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    Ian Simmons

    Ian Simmons is a Democratic political donor, liberal activist investor, and youth voter engagement activist. He has founded or is otherwise involved in a number of left-leaning organizations such as the Foundation for Civic Leadership and Organizing for Action.
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    Archana Sahgal

    Archana Sahgal is a left-of-center political consultant and former Obama administration staffer who currently runs Hyphen, a funding collaborative she founded in 2021. Hyphen is a funding collective that works with left-leaning organizations and foundations to fund campaigns supporting priorities of the Biden administration.
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    Frank Smith

    Frank Smith is a left-of-center political activist who currently works as senior political advisor to the Democracy Alliance, a liberal donors’ convening that calls itself “the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States.”
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    Community Change Voters

    Community Change Voters (CCV) is a left-of-center Super PAC affiliated with the Center for Community Change (CCC) and the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA). Formed in 2016, the PAC has spent over $7 million in federal elections to support Democratic candidates and oppose Republicans.
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    State Victory Fund

    The State Victory Fund is a joint initiative of the Democracy Alliance and the Committee on States to win control of the redistricting process.
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    Grassroots Solutions

    Grassroots Solutions is a left-of-center political consulting firm. 1 Grassroots Solutions has received tens of millions of dollars2 to support the
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    Jason Franklin

    Jason Franklin is a co-founder of the left-of-center Solidaire Network. 1 Franklin has spent over twenty years engaged with left-progressive philanthropy.
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    Emergent Fund Action

    Emergent Fund Action is the lobbying arm of the Emergent Fund, an ethnic interest donor collaborative hosted by the Proteus Fund, a left-of-center funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit. Emergent Fund Action is a project of the 501(c)(4) Proteus Action League. Funding Emergent Fund Action is a fiscally
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    Public Leadership Institute

    The Public Leadership Institute is a left-progressive 501(c)(3) organization which trains people to advocate for left-progressive policy positions.1 Democracy Alliance Democracy Alliance is a collective of wealthy left-progressive donors that meet at semi-annual conferences for
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    Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund

    Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund is an advocacy group which supports greater regulation of the financial and banking industries. It is a sister organization to the left-leaning Americans for Financial Reform and the 501(c)(4) group Americans for Financial Reform Activism Fund.
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    Donald Ross

    Donald K. Ross was a political consultant, lawyer, and left-wing political activist credited with proposing the model of the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) in the 1970s alongside activist Ralph Nader. The PIRGs, state-based policy advocacy groups, operate under the national U.S. Public Interest Research Group (US-PIRG); US-PIRG
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    Julie Kohler

    Julie Kohler is a senior advisor to and former senior vice president of Democracy Alliance. She is also the president of BMK Consulting, a nonprofit consulting firm. Kohler is on the advisory boards of New Media Ventures, Pipeline Initiative, PL-US Action, and Family Story, a think tank which
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    Vote Captain

    Vote Captain is a voter mobilization website that claims to be non-partisan but is run by a left-of-center family that has been active in politics with ties to Democratic politicians. Vote Captain suggests apps and resources for getting people to vote that link to left-leaning voter projects. Social media programs
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    Issue One Action

    Issue One Action is the lobbying branch of Issue One, a left-leaning organization that promotes restrictions on election-related speech activity and supports The ReFormers Caucus, a group of former legislators who lobby congress in that vein. Issue One Action supports a parallel caucus within congress: The Congressional Reformers Caucus.
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    Fair Fight Action

    Fair Fight Action (formerly Voter Access Institute) is an advocacy nonprofit established in 2014 by Georgia Democratic politician Stacey Abrams, who lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election and persisted in denying the fact of her electoral defeat.
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    Kathleen Welch

    Kathleen Welch is a principal at Corridor Partners, a left-of-center political advocacy and strategy investment firm that focuses on energy and environment issues. A 2013 HuffPost article described Welch as “a highly influential figure in Democratic fundraising circles, playing a central role in steering money to environmental and
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    Sarah Christensen

    Sarah Christensen is a program director for the center-left Solidago Foundation and a former senior program officer for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Christensen is also the co-founder and co-chair of the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, a funding group created by the Democracy
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    Roger Kim

    Roger Kim is executive director of the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, an environmentalist funder and project of the left-of-center New Venture Fund. Kim is also a senior adviser to the Democracy Alliance, a networking group for major funders on the political Left.
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    Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund

    The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund (often shortened to CCEEF, Climate Equity Fund, or Climate Fund) is a nonprofit environmental donors’ pass-through grantmaker.
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    Voter Registration Project

    The Voter Registration Project, also knowns as Everybody Votes, is a voter mobilization group which targets African-American, Latino, Native American, low-income, and other voter groups likely to lean left-of-center. The organization claims to be non-partisan, but is run by individuals with long-standing connections to left-of-center non-profits, including the AFL-CIO