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  • Non-profit

    Alliance for Securing Democracy

    The Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) develops policy recommendations through research projects, including those on election integrity and analyzing various Russian state-backed communications. The Alliance for Securing Democracy is led by Laura Thornton and consists of an advisory council of more than a dozen individuals including John Podesta, former
  • Other Group

    Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice

    Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice a left-wing advocacy group that focuses on education and the protection of women. The group advocates for civil and legal rights by embracing diversity, fair elections, and climate change protections.
  • Non-profit

    Haitian American Foundation for Democracy (HAFFD)

    The Haitian American Foundation for Democracy (HAFFD) educates people on the state of Haitians in America and in Haiti, promotes policies that advance their interests, and works to cultivate the next generation of Haitian-American advocates.
  • Political Party/527

    Alliance for Common Sense

    Alliance for Common Sense is a political organization founded by the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) to support the re-election of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D). The Alliance sponsored several ads in 2022 that attacked the Republican candidate Tim Michels, claiming he was too radical and divisive for
  • Other Group

    Arizona Donor Alliance

    The Arizona Donor Alliance is a left-of-center group which coordinates the giving of left-of-center donors to build political infrastructure in Arizona. The group’s executive director, Korina Iribe, came to the United States illegally as a child and has remained in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Non-profit

    Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN)

    Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) is a nonprofit organization founded by Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian journalist and former columnist for the Washington Post who was killed within the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. DAWN advocates for democracy, human rights, and political reform in the Arab world, aiming
  • Non-profit

    Public Democracy America

    Public Democracy America is a left-of-center advocacy organization that provides aligned organizations technical and programmatic support with the administration of Google Grants. It is the nonprofit arm of Public Democracy, a digital marketing firm.
  • Non-profit

    Alliance for the Great Lakes

    Alliance for the Great Lakes is a Chicago, Illinois-based environmentalist nonprofit with a focus on the Great Lakes. In March 2021, it announced a left-of-center, identity politics influenced framework of environmental justice is its top priority.
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    Vot-ER (A Healthier Democracy)

    Vot-ER (also known as A Healthier Democracy) is a left-of-center voter registration and get-out-the vote organization that focuses its efforts on individuals in the healthcare system 1 and seeks to identify low-income and minority voters.
  • Non-profit

    United for Democracy

    United for Democracy is a left-of-center activist campaign consisting of more than 100 Democratic Party-aligned organizations that criticizes the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Other Group

    Propel Democracy Forward Fund (PDFF)

    Propel Democracy Forward Fund (PDFF) is a left-of-center fund that supports civic engagement and organizing efforts at the state level. The group has targeted politically competitive states with year-round activism since its founding by Propel Capital Network in 2016.
  • Other Group

    Pueblo Action Alliance

    Pueblo Action Alliance is a far-left Native American environmental activist group. It is a fiscally-sponsored project of the SouthWest Organizing Project.1 Pueblo Action Alliance sees itself as descended from Native American resistance to European colonial
  • Non-profit

    Liberty Alliance USA

    Liberty Alliance USA advocates for right-of-center policy changes in Missouri relating to health care, taxes, and environmentalism, notably opposing the Green New Deal. 1 Liberty Alliance’s current projects include an interactive Woke Heat
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    Defense of Democracy

    Defense of Democracy, based in Fishkill, New York, was launched in 2022 by two New York state public school parents. Its purpose is to oppose right-of-center school board candidates, particularly those endorsed by right-of-center education advocacy organization Moms for Liberty, and elect left-of-center candidates.
  • Non-profit

    Open Democracy

    Open Democracy (also known as the Coalition for Open Democracy) is a left-of-center New Hampshire-based organization that advocates the heavier regulation of election-related speech activity in the state of New Hampshire and at the federal level. Background The Coalition for Open Democracy was founded in 1977 by a group of
  • Non-profit

    New Progressive Alliance (NPA)

    New Progressive Alliance (NPA) is a far-left political advocacy organization that promotes radical-left policies and legislation and claims alignment with and inspiration from the policies of the Populist Party platform of 1892, the Progressive Party platform of 1912, the Green Party, the Socialist Party USA, and United Progressives.
  • Other Group

    Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA)

    Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) is a fishery conservation organization based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Besides protecting local bodies of water, the group also endorses left-of-center political initiatives and works with left-of-center advocacy partners. Background Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance was founded in 1995 by fishermen from New England to protect the
  • Non-profit

    Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections (AUDIT USA)

    Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections (AUDIT USA) is a left-of-center election activism organization that co-signed a letter written by left-of-center Scrutineers and the National Voting Rights Task Force in support of the “For the People Act,” a Biden administration legislative priority that would federalize
  • For-profit

    Michigan Donor Alliance

    Michigan Donor Alliance is a collection of individual and organizational donors that provide campaign and administrative services to left-of-center political organizations and causes.
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    Democracy Donors

    Democracy Donors is a left-of-center Democratic Party-aligned political advisory group. Guide Democracy Donors advises prospective donors interested in getting involved with the group to read its guide, “A Guide for New Political Funders.” The document is intended to help individuals become acquainted with the basics of being a donor. The