Perianne Boring




CEO, Chamber of Digital Commerce


Washington, D.C.

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Perianne Boring is a former congressional staffer and television anchor who is the founder and CEO of Chamber of Digital Commerce, a Washington, D.C.-based trade association that campaigns for the advancement of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Boring is a former White House intern in the Obama administration and staffer to former U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) who also worked as a host of a finance show on RT America, a now-defunct U.S. news network funded by the Russian government. Boring has taught a blockchain course at Georgetown University. She has been described as “one of the richest women in the crypto industry” by trade publication Coin Telegraph. 1 2

Background and Early Career

Perianne Boring graduated from the University of Florida in 2010 with a degree in business administration and economics. In 2010 she served as a White House Intern during the Obama administration. In 2011 she joined the staff of then-U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) and worked for him for two years as a constituent relations director and policy analyst. 3 4

RT America

In 2013, Boring was hired by RT America, a now-defunct U.S. news network funded by the Russian government. Boring worked for RT America as the host and anchor of “Prime Interest,” an international finance program. While she was hosting Prime Interest, Boring stated that Bitcoin was among her “favorite topics to cover” and that she often called for the crypto and blockchain industry to have more formal representation in Washington, D.C., which led her to founding the Digital Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated political action committee in 2014. 5

While working as a news anchor, Boring also was a contributor for Forbes where she authored a regular column titled “Boring Economics.” 6

Chamber of Digital Commerce

Boring founded the Chamber of Digital Commerce in 2014. Chamber of Digital Commerce advocates before Congress and the executive branch regarding the advancement and regulation of blockchain technology and hosts the annual DC Blockchain Summit. The organization has over 200 members including large technology, cryptocurrency, and consulting companies such as Accenture, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Digital Asset, Bitpay and TrustToken. 7 8

A 2021 open letter from Boring on behalf of the Chamber of Digital Commerce to President Joe Biden called on the president to take executive action on blockchain and crypto currency to “Establish a national action plan for blockchain; Increase regulatory clarity for digital tokens; Promote tax policy for virtual currency that supports informed compliance; and Use blockchain technology to enhance anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance, and encourage responsible industry growth.” 9

Boring has opposed efforts by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to classify cryptocurrencies as securities. The Chamber of Digital Commerce filed an amicus brief in a 2023 SEC insider trading case against former Coinbase workers in which the Chamber argued that the case should be dismissed because it represented an expansion of the SEC’s “regulation by enforcement” campaign and seeks to characterize secondary market transactions as securities transactions. 10

Boring earned over $200,000 in annual compensation from the Chamber of Digital Commerce in 2020, according to the organization’s tax documents. 11


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