Patrick Guerriero

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Former Mayor, Melrose, MA

Founding Principal, Civitas Public Affairs Group


Patrick Guerriero is a former Massachusetts state legislator, political consultant, and founding principal of Civitas Public Affairs Group, a public affairs consultancy that caters to Democratic Party candidates and center-left clients.

Guerriero is a former Massachusetts state legislator; from 1998 to 2001, he served as mayor of Melrose, Massachusetts. A former Republican, Guerriero announced in 2010 that he was leaving the Republican Party to identify as an “Independent.” [1]

Guerriero is the former leader of Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBT group within the Republican Party. [2] Guerriero also worked as founding executive director of Gill Action Fund from 2006 to 2011, a gay and lesbian advocacy group.


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Connected Organizations

  1. Civitas Public Affairs Group (For-profit)
    Founding Partner
  2. Gill Action Fund (Non-profit)
    Former Executive Director (2006-2011)
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