Nick Gourevitch

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Nick Gourevitch is a partner and managing director of research at the Global Strategy Group, a public affairs and research firm for left-liberal campaigns, causes, and other partner organizations. The group also claims to be the largest Democratic polling firm in the country. Moreover, he is a pollster for Navigator Research, a group that is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a funding and fiscal sponsorship organization managed by the Washington, D.C.-based consultancy Arabella Advisors.

He also works as a pollster for Priorities USA, a Democratic-aligned Super PAC that supports Democratic candidates for President and opposes Republican candidates. He has other connections, with his firm doing research for the “DCCC, DLCC, Senate Majority PAC, and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.” 1

He tends to focus his research on immigration, as he has previously worked for liberal expansionist immigration advocacy groups such as 2

Background and Personal Life

Nick Gourevicth earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics from Brown University in 2003 and went on the year after to earn a Master’s degree at Columbia University in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences in 2004. He currently lives in New York with his wife and three children. 3


Nick Gourevitch began working for Global Strategy Group, a Democratic-aligned polling, public affairs, and research group for campaigns, in 2004, the same year he finished his Master’s degree. He has worked there for the past 15 years, rising to become the firm’s managing director and full-time director of research. He was named a partner at GSG during the 2016 election cycle; an announcement of his appointment indicated he would overseeing campaign work on various gubernatorial, senate, and congressional races, in addition to corporate clients. 5

Through Global Strategy Group, Gourevitch works as a research pollster for Navigator Research. 67 Navigator Research is a project of the “dark money” liberal group Sixteen Thirty Fund that conducts messaging research targeting President Donald Trump and other Republicans. 8

Media Appearances

Gourevitch is often quoted for his polling in news outlets such at Politico. He wrote an article for USA Today in which he argued that the Republicans adopting President Trump’s restrictionist policies on immigration hurt them in the 2018 midterm elections. 9


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