Laura Katzive


Senior Program Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

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Laura Katzive is a senior program officer at the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, a secretive left-of-center grantmaking foundation. She previously worked for the Center for Reproductive Rights and has published academic articles on abortion advocacy.

Katzive is active in the politically liberal Jewish activist community. She is a chair of the Temple Beth-El in Jersey City, New Jersey,1 and has spoken at CLAL’s Jewish Public Forum. 2

Academic Work

In 1992 Laura Katzive graduated from Haverford College with a bachelor’s degree in history. In 1997 she earned her J.D. from Cornell Law School. 3

After law school, Katzive co-authored “A Global Review of Laws on Induced Abortions, 1985-1997.” Katzive updated the paper in 2008 with “Developments in Laws on Induced Abortions, 1998-2007.” 4

In 2004, Katzive co-authored “The Global Pattern of U.S. Initiatives Curtailing Women’s Reproductive Rights: A Perspective on the Increasingly Anti-Choice Mosaic.” The paper argued that after the passage of Roe v. Wade, Republicans have steadily eroded abortion rights both in the United States and abroad through aggressive policies. 5


In 1999, Katzive started her career at the abortion advocacy group Center for Reproductive Rights as the legal advisor for global projects. She worked in that position until 2005, when she became the deputy director of the organization’s international legal program. 6

In 2010, Katzive became a program officer for the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. In 2015, she was promoted to a senior program officer. 7


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Connected Organizations

  1. Center For Reproductive Rights (Non-profit)
    Former Program Officer
  2. Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (Non-profit)
    Senior Program Officer
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