James Dozier

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James C. Dozier is a Republican Party political operative, political consultant, and founder and executive director of the right-leaning environmentalist group Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES), a group funded by and connected to center-left organizations. 1 Dozier is a principal at Civitas Public Affairs Group, a Washington, D.C.-based political consulting firm. 2

Prior to that, Dozier was deputy political director of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Gay & Lesbian Institute from 2009 to 2012, left-wing advocacy organizations created to endorse openly gay and lesbian candidates for public office, generally Democrats. 3 Dozier also worked as a program officer for Gill Action Fund, a now-defunct 501(c)(4) advocacy group for LGBT issues, and as eastern field director for the Log Cabin Republicans. 4


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Connected Organizations

  1. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) (Non-profit)
    Founder and Board President; Former Executive Director (2013-2019)
  2. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum (CRES) (Non-profit)
    Notable Person
  3. Civitas Public Affairs Group (For-profit)
    Principal (2012-Present)
  4. Gill Action Fund (Non-profit)
    Former Program Officer (2006-2009)
  5. LGBTQ Victory Institute (Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute) (Non-profit)
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