Hawley Hilton McAuliffe




New York, NY


Nonprofit board member

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Hawley Hilton McAuliffe is an American heiress, granddaughter of Hilton hotel chain founder Conrad N. Hilton, and the director of the board of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.


Prior to joining the board of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in 2006, McAuliffe volunteered with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University’s New York Lying-in Hospital, and Theatreworks USA, a nonprofit theater group based in New York City. 1 2 Additionally, McAuliffe worked in the public relations department of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a luxury hotel owned by Anbang Insurance Group and managed by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. 3 4

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a private foundation based in Westlake Village, California. It was established in 1944 by McAuliffe’s grandfather, Conrad N. Hilton, the founder of the Hilton hotel chain. Until the latter’s death on January 3, 1979, the foundation was relatively small, but grew massively upon being named the primary beneficiary of his estate. As of December 31, 2019, the organization’s endowment totals roughly $6.68 billion. 5 6

The foundation’s activity consists of grantmaking in seven areas: Catholic religious sisters; disaster relief and recovery; foster youth; homelessness; hospitality and workforce development; safe water; and young children affected by HIV and AIDS. 7 Additionally, the foundation annually awards a “Humanitarian Prize” worth $2.5 million to humanitarian organizations. 8

In 2006, McAuliffe joined the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s board of directors and became progressively more involved with the activities of the organization, sitting on the international jury for the Foundation’s annual Humanitarian Prize, the governing board for the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, the Executive Committee, and the Nominating and Generation in Giving Committee. On December 21, 2020, the foundation announced the retirement of its longtime board chair (and former CEO) Steven M. Hilton and the election of McAuliffe as his successor. 9


McAuliffe is a co-chair for the Southeast Florida chapter of the Order of Malta, a Catholic lay religious order. 10 Formerly, McAuliffe was involved with various local horticultural organizations, sitting on the boards of the Grass River Garden Club in Delray Beach, Florida and Hortulus in Greenwich, Connecticut. She is also an emeritus judge of the Garden Club of America, a national garden and horticultural conservation organization, having worked as a judge with that organization for over a decade. 11 12


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