Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall (link)



Former Deputy Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy (2014-2017)

Former White House Coordinator for Defense Policy

Political Party:

Democratic Party

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Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall has served as a senior official to Democratic politicians, most prominently serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy in the Obama administration.

Connected Organizations

  1. Asia Society (Non-profit)
    Policy Advisory Board Member
  2. Brookings Institution (Non-profit)
    Former Guest Scholar in Foreign Policy Studies
  3. Commonwealth Club of California (Non-profit)
    Board Member
  4. Council on Foreign Relations (Non-profit)
    Former Senior Adjunct Fellow
  5. Department of Energy (Government Agency)
    Former Deputy Secretary of Energy
  6. Obama Administration (Government Agency)
    Deputy Secretary of Energy (2014-2017)
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