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    Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)

    Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a left-of-center environmental activist group made up of associated organizations from around the world. The organization was launched as a project of Movement Strategy Center, a left-wing nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California with a history of working with organizations that identify themselves as
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    Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)

    The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ, sometimes styled AfGJ) is an organizing group that serves as a fiscal sponsor to numerous left-wing initiatives, among them Refuse Fascism,[20] United Students Against Sweatshops, and Stop Mass Incarceration.[21] The group arose from the Nicaragua Network, an
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    BlueGreen Alliance

    The BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) (and its associated 501(c)(3) arm the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation) is a project of America’s national labor unions and major environmentalist groups designed to show a united front for progressive environmentalist policies. The Alliance was founded in 2006 by the United Steelworkers labor union and
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    Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)

    The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) is a left-of-center 501(c)(3) organization involved in voter mobilization and policy development. The center’s stated mission is “to create equity, opportunity and a dynamic democracy in partnership with high-impact base-building organizations, organizing alliances, and progressive unions.”[104] The organization signed a petition supporting
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    Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

    Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) is a research program at Tufts University. It uses its research to advocate for voter engagement by individuals under the age of 30. [173] CIRCLE advocates for lowering the voting age to 16 in local elections. Its
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    Raise Up Washington

    Raise Up Washington, also known as “Yes On I-1433,” was a ballot initiative campaign that funded the effort to advocate for the adoption of a minimum wage increase in Washington state through a ballot initiative during the 2016 general election. The group raised over $4.3 million in support of
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    Civic Responsibility Project

    The Civic Responsibility Project (CRP) is a project of the New Venture Fund, one of the funds managed by  Arabella Advisors, a left-of-center consultancy that is considered one of the largest “dark money” networks in the United States. Its status as a project ensures that no separate public
  • Political Party/527

    Southern Progress Fund

    The Southern Progress Fund works to elect left-of-center statewide and state legislative candidates in the South. The Southern Progress Fund initially had support of the Democracy Alliance and was chaired by former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove (D). After involvement in some races in the South in 2013-2014, the
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    Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF)

    Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) funds the legal defense for law enforcement agents who are prosecuted or fired for actions taken while in the line of duty. The group also works to educate the public on the challenges faced by law enforcement officers and to improve public perception of
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    Mastercard Impact Fund

    The Mastercard Impact Fund is a grantmaking nonprofit founded in 2018 which donates to organizations advancing left-of-center concepts of diversity and inclusion. [272] he fund was originally named the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth Fund, which was changed a few months after its founding. [273] Parent
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    The Strategic Victory Fund

    The Strategic Victory Fund is a political action committee started by the left-of-center Democracy Alliance in 2020 in an effort to defeat President Donald Trump. [302] The fund was created to support Democrat causes on state-level issues in battleground states. [303] The Strategic Victory
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    Center for Cultural Power

    The Center for Cultural Power (previously Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund) is a left-of-center organization led by women of color artists focused on activism and community organizing through art. [342] It was founded by left-progressive artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez. [343] The Center supports artists
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    Southern Elections Fund (SEF)

    Southern Elections Fund (SEF) is a left-progressive organization which seeks to mobilize Black voters and elect left-progressive candidates for office in the South. [399] SEF was originally founded in 1969 by Julian Bond, then a Georgia state legislator and later the first president of the controversial Southern
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    National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund

    The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund is a non-profit organization that focuses on funding initiatives that promote Latino political engagement. It also promotes left-of-center talking points on immigration, voting rights, the Census, and election administration. NALEO Educational Fund receives most of its revenue from
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    Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services

    Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services is a small financial consulting firm founded and operated by Josh Kanter, a left-leaning wealth advisor, attorney, and donor who uses his inherited family fortune to fund a variety of left-leaning causes, groups, and Democratic campaigns. The firm is one of multiple investment-related firms that
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    Kanter Family Foundation

    The Kanter Family Foundation is a left-leaning grantmaking foundation operated by the descendants of the late Burt Kanter, who amassed a personal fortune while service as a notable tax attorney to celebrities and billionaires. The foundation’s board includes Burt Kanter’s son Josh, a left-leaning wealth advisor and donor who uses
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    Josh Kanter

    Josh Kanter is a left-leaning wealth advisor who uses his inherited family fortune to fund a variety of left-leaning causes, advocacy groups, and Democratic campaigns. Shortly after moving to Utah from Chicago, Kanter became very involved in promoting left-leaning causes in the state. Kanter is the founder of the
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    Teachers Unions

    Teachers unions, like other government-employee unions, are a key player in the left-of-center infrastructure. The national teachers unions — National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) — are among the largest organizational political players
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    Ronald Pritzker

    Roland Pritzker is the chairman of the Pritzker Innovation Fund, a grantmaker that funds mostly left-of-center organizations that work on climate change, poverty, and issues related to American democracy. He is the son of major left-of-center donor Linda Pritzker and an heir to the Pritzker family fortune, which
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    Luna Yasui

    Luna Yasui is a left-of-center political activist who has previously worked for nonprofit and private funds. [554] [555] In April 2021, she retired from her position as the senior program officer of the Ford Foundation’s Civic Engagement and Government team. She was formerly the program