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  • Non-profit

    Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees

    The Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees is a nonprofit umbrella organization that financially supports a variety of controversial foreign policy advocacy groups, including many that promote anti-Israel views or support dictatorial Middle East regimes.[1] The organization’s president, Kamal Obeid, is a board member of an organization
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    Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

    The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) is a left-of-center nonprofit which provides educational materials and pro-bono legal services to climate scientists facing legal action. The CSLDF has defended left-of-center climate scientists in some of the most high-profile climate lawsuits in the past decade, including the “Climategate” suit against
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    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a radical-left student organization often credited as the main force that created the New Left. It existed from 1960 until its demise in 1969, when it split apart after a Maoist SDS group affiliated with the Progressive Labor Party was expelled by a
  • Non-profit

    Center for Labor Research and Education

    The Center for Labor Research and Education, also called the Labor Center, is a program of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), based at the University of California, Berkeley. It works with labor unions to push policy programs. [250] California taxpayers help to fund
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    Pluribus Project

    Pluribus Project, a project of the left-leaning Aspen Institute and New Venture Fund, was launched during the 2016 election cycle to use various technological advancements to reach voters. As of January 2020, the Pluribus Project site is no longer available. [269] Political Game Changers In April
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    Overbrook Foundation

    The Overbrook Foundation is a New York City-based grantmaking foundation founded in 1948 by investor Frank Altschul and his wife Helen. Today, the Overbrook Foundation’s grants are focused on funding for left-of-center groups supporting social liberalism and environmentalism. Overbrook has an endowment of $150 million and has donated more than
  • Person

    Heather Podesta

    Heather Podesta is a Democratic-aligned lobbyist and lawyer who runs Invariant Group, the largest female-owned lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. Podesta and her firm have worked for a range of organizations across the political spectrum. Though Podesta and her staff have worked in nearly every industry, her firm focuses primarily
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    Conservative Energy Network

    Conservative Energy Network is an advocacy organization that connects state-based ostensibly right-of-center environmentalist organizations. Founded and led by political strategist and consultant Mark Pischea,[362] CEN promotes anti-pollution and clean energy policies from ideologically conservative premises, including an emphasis on reducing America’s dependence on oil produced in hostile nations,
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    Durfee Foundation

    Founded by R. Stanton and Dorothy Avery with a donation of a portion of the wealth generated from the Avery-Dennison company they founded, the Durfee Foundation funds sabbaticals for non-profit leaders, provides support for innovators’ efforts to solve Los Angeles-area community problems, aids students and communities in scientific research of
  • For-profit

    LightBox Collaborative

    LightBox Collaborative is a nonprofit and philanthropic consulting firm based in San Francisco. The firm works with a variety of organizations advocating for left-of-center social and economic policy, with an agenda that includes LGBT rights, civic engagement, immigration, the environment, and labor rights. [409] LightBox’s clients include prominent
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    Jewish Voice for Peace

    Jewish Voice for Peace is a left-wing, nominally Jewish group that opposes U.S. assistance to the state of Israel and supports allowing Palestinians to live on land within Israel vacated by Arabs during the Israeli War of Independence. The group supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to
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    Census Counts 2020

    Census Counts 2020 is a project of the Leadership Conference Education Fund, the 501(c)(3) component of Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a left-of-center civil rights-focused political advocacy group which has staunchly opposed President Donald Trump. The program aims to increase participation among demographic groups likely to
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    Trinh Duong

    Trinh Duong is the Vice Chair and Director of Grantmaking Programs at the Funding Exchange.
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    Voter Engagement Evaluation Project (VEEP)

    The Voter Engagement Evaluation Project (VEEP) was a donor collaborative which funneled grants to left-wing voter registration and mobilization groups. VEEP was  co-sponsored by the Proteus Fund and Funders Committee for Civic Participation, a donor affinity group for major center-left funders (itself a project of NEO Philanthropy).
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    Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF Social Finance)

    The Rudolf Steiner Foundation (better known today by its business name RSF Social Finance) is a financial services organization which receives its funding from a group of investors and uses its resources to issue loans and grants to a variety of businesses and advocacy groups with left-of-center missions.
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    CLIMA Fund

    The CLIMA Fund (Climate Leaders In Movement Action Fund), formerly the Grassroots Climate Solutions Fund, is a left-of-center environmental funding project hosted by the funding organization Thousand Currents (formerly known as IDEX, the International Development Exchange). The CLIMA Fund was founded in 2016 as a collaboration between Thousand Currents,
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    Matt Christman

    Matt Christman is one of three co-founders and regular co-hosts of Chapo Trap House (Chapo), a for-profit socialist podcast. As of March 2019, Chapo reportedly grossed more than $120,000 per month through the website Patreon. [495] Christman attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and met his wife in
  • Non-profit

    Democracy Forward (DF)

    Democracy Forward (DF) is a center-left litigation and advocacy nonprofit created in early 2017 by high-level Democratic Party operatives. The organization has been aggressive in targeting the Trump administration.[530] Examples include an ethics complaint against Ivanka Trump, alleging she was illegally promoting her clothing apparel line by wearing
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    Emma Lozano

    For more information on the 2018 migrant caravans from Central America, see Pueblo Sin Fronteras and Centro Sin Fronteras Emma Lozano is a left-wing activist, founder and president of the illegal immigration advocacy group Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”), executive director of migrant caravan organizing group Pueblo Sin
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    CARA Family Detention Project

    The CARA Family Detention Project (or CARA) organizes pro bono legal services for migrants who have entered the United States without permission and are seeking asylum, especially in family units. It is jointly operated by four organizations that individually advocate for liberalized U.S. immigration policy and/or provide free legal assistance