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    John Podesta

    John Podesta is a Democratic political operative who has served as White House Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration, Counselor to the President in the Obama administration, and chair of the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign. He is also the co-founder and former president of the Center
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    Creative Roustabouts

    Creative Roustabouts is a small consulting firm in Vermont catering to environmentalist and community organizing groups.[81] The firm may be best known for its product Vermontivate, a statewide, inter-town energy saving contest that ran from 2012-2015.[82] It participated in the 2017 People’s Climate March.
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    Alexis Herman

    Alexis Herman is a Democratic Party operative and former United States Secretary of Labor in the Bill Clinton administration. She held multiple positions in the Clinton and Carter administrations, and has taken senior roles with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other Democratic political efforts. Since leaving government,
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    Ray Marshall

    (Freddie) Ray Marshall is a labor union-aligned, progressive economist and retired University of Texas professor who served as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor during the Carter Administration. [130] Marshall was considered the most liberal of President Carter’s Cabinet members, bringing his work experience with
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    Congressional Black Caucus Institute

    The Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI), also called the Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute, engages in voter outreach and trains aspiring political leaders to advance left-of-center causes, particularly those that it claims will benefit Black voters. The institute is affiliated with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), an
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    Antifa–short for “anti-fascist” or “Anti-Fascist action”–is a left-wing extremist movement that violently opposes groups it considers “fascist,” including democratic, center-right conservatives.[201][202][203][204] Antifa lacks a known organizational structure[205]  or an official leader or headquarters, though individual groups in certain states reportedly
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    Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund

    The Alliance for Retired Americans Education Fund (ARAEF) is the educational arm of the labor union-aligned seniors’ advocacy group Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA). The education fund specifically focuses on educating retirees and pre-retires on legislative policies at the local, state, and federal levels that impact them directly. The
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    Working Partnerships USA

    Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA) is a left-of-center community and labor activist organization that works in San Jose, California and the broader Silicon Valley region. It supports left-of-center policies related to labor practices and development in the region. WPUSA cofounded the group Silicon Valley Rising, a coalition of left-of-center community
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    South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council

    South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council is the Silicon Valley local AFL-CIO federation representing 101 unions in Santa Clara and San Benito Counties in California. The Council represents a number of labor unions including locals of the AFSCME, AFT, SEIU, and Unite Here. [305]
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    Social Justice Fund Northwest

    The Social Justice Fund Northwest (also styled Social Justice Fund NW) is a funder of left-of-center activism and advocacy projects in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming initially founded in 1978 as “A Territory Resource” (ATR). The group developed a model of left-wing activist organizing-fundraising known as
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    Skoll Foundation

    The Skoll Foundation was founded by billionaire philanthropist Jeffrey Skoll. [336] Mr. Skoll is also the founder of Participant, a firm that produces films such as An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 documentary featuring former Vice President Al Gore in which Gore presents what he
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    ReThink Media

    ReThink Media, founded in 2008, is a combination public relations firm, advocacy organization, and pass-through funding entity for left-of-center organizations. It uses messaging techniques through all forms of media to promote the left-of-center framing of issues related to national security, ethnic and religious minority interests, and left-of-center electoral legislation. ReThink
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    Netroots Nation

    Netroots Nation is as an annual convention that aims to train and amplify the efforts of liberal bloggers and online activists.[437] The convention has become a staple of the Democratic political circuit[438] and has been labeled by multiple publications as the largest liberal gathering in the
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    National Lawyers Guild

    The National Lawyers Guild is a radical-left association of attorneys, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers. Founded from late 1936 to early 1937, the Guild has consistently been identified with radical-left groups and political orientations throughout its history. In its early years the National Lawyers Guild was significantly influenced
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    National Day Laborer Organizing Network

    National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) is a network of labor unions and labor advocacy nonprofits. The network exists to advise its member groups on strategy and on the mobilization and organization of day laborers and their supporters within the wider organized labor movement. [675] It also engages
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    Midwest Academy

    Midwest Academy is a prominent national training center for left-of-center activists. It has hosted training sessions around the United States since its founding in 1973. [690] The Academy claims to have trained more 25,000 activists across the United States involved in coalitions and organizations at the local, state,
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    Miami Workers Center

    The Miami Workers Center (MWC) is a left-of-center labor advocacy organization funded by George Soros’s Open Society Network. [705] MWC was founded by Tony Romano and Gihan Perera, left-wing professional labor organizers. [706] In These Times, a socialist news organization, has described MWC
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    International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

    International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) is a labor union representing fire fighters and other government workers based in Washington, D.C. [730] IAFF is a member of the left-of-center AFL-CIO labor union federation [731] that encompasses 3,500 local affiliates and includes approximately 329,000 members.
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    Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

    The Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO is a Rock Tavern, New York-based labor union federation that serves as a local affiliate of the AFL-CIO (AFL-CIO). In February 2021, the federation hosted a virtual event that featured participants who advocated for expelling police unions from the AFL-CIO and other
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    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

    The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) sponsors initiatives that advance left-of-center causes, particularly those that it claims will benefit Black voters, and that trains policymakers and activists who support these policies. Founded in 1976, the foundation is affiliated with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), an alliance of Black Democratic members