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  • Non-profit

    House of Pentacles

    House of Pentacles (HOP) is a far-left organization that is one of 110 projects of the left-of-center Allied Media Projects (AMP). HOP was founded by Joie Lou Shakur as an outgrowth of “Gaycation 2017,” an LGBT event sponsored by far-left Southerners on New Ground (SONG).
  • Non-profit

    Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)

    Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD) is a sub-organization and project of the left-wing Highlander Research and Education Center. BOLD was founded in 2010 to train left-wing activists for leadership roles in activist groups. These training courses take place online and at the Highlander Center’s retreat in Tennessee.
  • Person

    Amber McReynolds

    Amber McReynolds is a left-of-center vote-by-mail advocate and member of the United States Postal Service board of governors, appointed in 2021 by President Joe Biden as an “independent,” a legal designation that observers dispute.
  • Other Group

    Progressive State Leaders Committee

    The Progressive State Leaders Committee is a left-leaning advocacy organization that focuses on providing resources and advocacy to convince Democratic state attorneys general to unilaterally enact left-of-center policies. 1 The organization is closely
  • Other Group

    White Helmets

    The White Helmets, also known as known as Syria Civil Defense, is a volunteer group based in Syria. The group mostly completes search and rescue missions, helping victims trapped under rubble due to explosions. Although the White Helmets is not an official nonprofit organization, it receives funding from governments around
  • Non-profit

    Narrative 4

    Narrative 4 is a New York-based nonprofit that promotes the storytelling work of educators, artists, and students. 1 The organization was listed on billionaire and left-of-center philanthropist Mackenzie Scott’s list of 116 organizations driving change
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    BRAC Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative

    BRAC – Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative is a left-of-center nonprofit that purports to address extreme poverty globally by advocating for anti-poverty programs that promote the attainment of sustainable employment. The initiative advises and governments, nonprofits, and United Nations entities to adapt and implement its programs.
  • Person

    Neil Brown

    Neil Brown is a left-leaning journalist. Among other journalistic jobs, he has worked as the former editor of the Tampa Bay Times and as president of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and sits as a member of the Pulitzer Prize board. Early Career Brown began his journalism career
  • Non-profit

    American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI)

    American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) opposes conventional energy sources in favor of weather-dependent energy sources. Based in Aspen, Colorado, AREI was founded in 2007, and serves as a vehicle to promote and disseminate the ideas of the annual American Renewable Energy Day summit.
  • Non-profit

    College Track

    College Track is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships, financial assistance, tutoring, and career development to low-income students and undocumented immigrant students in the United States under provisions of the DREAM Act. The organization is among the largest of its kind with over $50 million in assets and has over
  • Government Agency

    Biden-Harris Transition

    The Biden-Harris Transition refers to the process of transitioning the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. As part of that
  • Non-profit

    Insight Prison Project

    Insight Prison Project (“IPP”) is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that offers courses with a “restorative justice” focus within prisons and jails. These courses aim to reduce recidivism by persons who have committed violent crimes by convincing them to understand and accept the consequences of their actions.
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    George Lakey

    George Lakey is a professional left-progressive activist who has organized protest movements in the United States for the last fifty years. Lakey built protest movements in the United States between the 1960s and 1980s primarily to advocate against the Vietnam War and support LGBT issues. Lakey eventually expanded his activism
  • Non-profit

    Black Futures Lab

    Black Futures Lab (BFL) is a voter mobilization and advocacy group targeting African-American voters run by Black Lives Matter leader Alicia Garza. BFL is a project of the San Francisco Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), a left-of-center to radical-left advocate for low-income Asian Americans. Black to the Future
  • Other Group

    Transition Integrity Project

    The Transition Integrity Project is a nominally bipartisan but functionally left-progressive and Democratic-leaning group of political and media figures that convened in the summer of 2020 to conduct simulations of the 2020 presidential election, including potential reactions by Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
  • Labor Union

    1199 SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund

    The 1199SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund (LTUF) is a left-of-center management fund operated by 1199 SEIU, one of the largest local unions of the SEIU, representing much of the Northeast United States. LTUF provides resources to union members such as training videos, healthcare resources, and child care
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    AFSCME Training and Education Institute

    AFSCME Training and Education Institute (ATEI) is a non-profit affiliated with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).
  • Movement

    Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

    See also: For a more complete list of public figures who promoted collusion claims, please see this resource  from the Capital Research Center. Starting at least by July 2016 and continuing through March 2019, the FBI and then the office of Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert
  • Government Agency

    Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

    The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute is a training agency under the United States Department of Defense that conducts training around ethnic diversity, racial sensitivity, and equal opportunity. The department was originally founded as the Defense Race Relations Institute in the 1970s as an effort to smoothen race relations
  • Other Group

    Democracy Alliance Conferences

    The Democracy Alliance (DA), a collective of wealthy Democratic and left-progressive individual and institutional donors, hosts semi-annual conferences for its members and guests. Described as a “major gathering of the institutional left,” the conferences primarily serve to connect prospective left-leaning donors with similarly minded activist groups, and to provide