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Christians United for Palestine is an anti-Israel advocacy group that has been listed as a supporter, sponsor, or endorser of several pro-Gaza and pro-ceasefire rallies in the aftermath of the October 7, 2023 Hamas terror attack on Israel, the ensuing war, and the widespread pro-Palestinian radical demonstrations that occurred across American college and university campuses in the spring of 2024. It is unclear if the group is an formal organization, group, or coalition, or simply a collection of social media pages that lends its name to pro-Palestinian efforts. The group is not registered with the Internal Revenue Service and a trademark for the name previously expired in 2018. 1 2


Christians United for Palestine likely began in its current form in 2023 when an Instagram page by that name was formed. There is also a Facebook page of the same name, but it is not clear if the two are connected. However, the Facebook page has posted information opposing Israel (calling it occupied Palestine) and claiming to support and provide information on Palestinian Christians since 2010. The Instagram page was created just before the January 2024 March on Washington for Gaza in December 2023. 3 4

Another post from the organization alludes to its name being a play on the pro-Israel group Christians United for Israel, which Christians United for Palestine called the “biggest and strongest pro-Israel lobby in the country” and attempted to link to “Christian Zionism” and “white supremacy.” 5

The logo on the Instagram page for Christians United for Palestine includes the anti-Israel slogan “From the River to the Sea.” 6

The Christians United for Israel Facebook page links to Kairos Palestine as its website. Kairos Palestine is an organization primarily known for its 2009 publication of the “Kairos Palestine document,” a plea from Palestinian Christians to Christians elsewhere to end the “Israeli Occupation.” The chief activity of the group is the promotion of this document. 7


Christians United for Palestine conducts most of its activism on social media. The group has been attached to several coalition letters and events alongside many radical-left organizations calling for actions such as a “ceasefire” in Gaza. 8

The group was a listed member of the March on Washington for Gaza, an event that called for “[a]n Immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza,” to “[s]top the unconditional US funding of Israel’s genocide against Gaza and the occupation of Palestine,” and to “[h]old Israel accountable for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people and their continuous violations of international law.” 9 10

The group also signed a letter in support of Rabab Abdulhadi, a professor of Palestinian studies at San Francisco State University, whom the group claims has been the subject of a coordinated attack by pro-Israel organizations. Jewish news sources have criticized Abdulhadi for praising terrorists as “freedom fighters,” including a person convicted by an Israeli court in 1970 for her participation in a 1969 supermarket bombing terrorist attack that killed two college students. 11 12


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