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Left-of-Center Grantmaking Foundation

Woodtiger Fund is a Pennsylvania-based foundation that primarily funds environmentalist projects, especially opposition to natural gas exploration. The organization also funds environmentalist journalism and wildlife conservation projects.

The fund is an offshoot of the Wallace Global Fund, which traces its roots to a foundation created by former U.S. Vice President and left-wing presidential candidate Henry Wallace.


The Woodtiger Fund is a Pennsylvania-based foundation that is a major funder for environmentalist projects all around the world. The foundation funds environmental journalism, where publications report on environmental-related issues for various publications through a fellowship program. The foundation also funds and supports wildlife conservation projects all over the world. [1]

The most well-known work of the Woodtiger Fund is the funding of anti-natural-gas fracking campaigns. Observers have credited fracking with causing America’s relative declines in carbon emissions because natural gas has become cheaper, displacing the use of coal for electricity generation. [2]

The Woodtiger Fund has a website; however, it only has an image of a face of a tiger carved out of wood. It does not have any other information on the website.

The foundation was founded in 2009 by Bruce and Susan Wallace when they split the foundation off from the Wallace Global Fund. The Wallace Global Fund was formerly the Wallace Genetic Foundation, which was founded by former U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace. [3]

Wallace and his wife transferred their Pioneer Hi-Bred shares into the Wallace Genetic Foundation before they died. In 1996, the three trustees of the Wallace Genetic Foundation split the foundation into three separate foundations: Wallace Genetic Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, and the Wallace Research Foundation. The Wallace Global Fund split in 2009 to create the Woodtiger Fund. [4]


A major priority of the Woodtiger fund is wildlife conservation, specifically bat conservation. A goal of the organization is to end bat extinctions, so it funds research to identify which bat species are at risk. [5]

In addition to funding research into bat conservation, Susan Wallace serves on the board of Bat Conservation International. Among the bat species Wallace is working to conserve is the “flying foxes” of the Philippines which have wingspans of six feet when flying at dusk. Wallace has also accompanied bat biologists on trips to study bats around the world. [6]

The foundation also funds environmental journalism. In 2012, it funded a report by Women’s eNews which investigated the health effects of the environment on women. [7]

The foundation funds opposition to fracking. As of 2020, the foundation donated over $4 million to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network works to fight fracking projects in the Delaware River Basin in Pennsylvania and other states. [8]


Susan Wallace currently serves as the foundation’s president. Bruce Wallace serves as a director to the foundation. [9]


 As of the 2019 Form 990, the foundation had over $62 million in assets. It would spend a little over $3 million in contributions and gifts and $709,278 in operating expenses. [10]

Among the contributions it made was $100,000 to the Brennan Center, $500,000 to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and $95,000 to the Public Interest Law Center. [11]


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