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Save Our Schools NJ Community Organizing (referred to simply as Save Our Schools NJ) is a left-of-center advocacy organization that opposes the expansion of charter school and other school-choice programs in New Jersey. The organization was formed in 2010 out of an effort to increase a local school budget and oppose charter-school expansion and has since grown to advocate for state-level policies supporting an increase of public school funding, an elimination or decrease of charter school and voucher funding, and the elimination of standardized testing. 1 2 The organization has a modest annual budget but received a grant of $50,000 from the Fund for New Jersey in 2013. 3


Save our Schools New Jersey was founded in 2010 and was formally organized as a nonprofit organization in 2012. The organization initially consisted of a campaign supporting an increase of school funding and opposing charter-school expansion in the Princeton, New Jersey area. 4

Among the earliest activities of the organization was opposing efforts from both the Obama administration and than-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) in 2010 to expand the use of charter schools. One member of the organization, who was the parent of a charter school student, was quoted as saying that the organization was not necessarily opposed to the expansion of charter schools but had “serious concerns about [the] cost and accountability” of charter schools. Also in 2010, the group opposed a bill in the state legislature that would allow additional state agencies to approve the creation of charter schools. 5

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Save Our Schools NJ called on the state government to further suspend and permanently abolish graduation testing requirements, a longtime priority of the organization, arguing that “Any assessment requirements from the state must be cognizant of the trauma experienced by students and school staff.” 6

Issue Stances

Standardized Testing

Save Our Schools NJ opposes the use of standardized testing in schools to make what it calls “high stakes” decisions such as granting diplomas, closing schools, or assessing teachers. The organization also supports the “full funding” of all New Jersey public schools, citing the “adequacy budget” which is required by the state constitution to provide funding in order to “provide every student with a ‘thorough and efficient education.’” 7

School Choice

Save Our Schools NJ strongly opposes programs allowing public funds to be used at private schools and claims that such programs have “segregationist origins.” The group also criticized the right-of-center American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and mid-twentieth century economist Milton Friedman for historically supporting voucher programs. 8

Save Our Schools NJ has long opposed the expansion of charter schools and dismissed their effectiveness, stating that such schools are not better than public schools and that they have only resulted in higher test score in “rare circumstances.” The group also stated that “New Jersey charter schools overall have performed somewhat worse than comparable public schools,” citing an opinion piece to back up its claims. 9

The organization supports changing charter school laws to make it harder for the state to open charter schools and changing the admissions and funding process to “stop the segregation between charter and traditional public schools by income, ability, and language proficiency.” 10


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