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One APIA Nevada is a lobbying nonprofit that advocates for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Nevada, particularly on liberal expansionist immigration, teachers’ union-aligned education, government-run health care, and labor union-aligned workforce issues. Specifically, the organization advocates for issues such as granting a larger number of H1-B visas to immigrant workers in Nevada, lower tuition for public institutions, affordable health care for senior citizens, and creation of a “safety net” of job creation for Asian Pacific Islander Americans. 1

“Who to Vote For” Guide

One APIA Nevada urges visitors to its website to vote for Democratic candidates for office in the state of Nevada. The page offers biographies on candidates for U.S. Senate seats, congressional seats, and gubernatorial seats. The page offers descriptions of the candidates’ stances on issues relating to immigration, education, and medical insurance. All of the candidates propose clearly left-of-center solutions to the issues. 2


Don Nguyen is the executive director for One APIA Nevada. Nguyen works or volunteers for a number of Asian-American advocacy organizations in Nevada including the Asian Community Development Council, a left-of-center organization with goals similar to those of One APIA Nevada where he served as vice president and COO; and the Asian Chamber of Commerce, a left-of-center organization that advocates for Asian-American owned businesses in Nevada. 3

Evan Louie is the chairman of the board of directors for One APIA Nevada. He has worked in the past with a number of left-of-center identity politics based organizations such as National CAPACD, a left-of-center coalition of community organization groups focusing on Asian-American issues, and OCA Las Vegas, a Nevada-based organization that advocates for education issues in primarily Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. 4


Founded in 2019, the organization has yet to have released a public tax return. GuideStar reports the organization’s gross receipts from 2019 as $226,350 and its assets as $48,519. 5

The organization is listed as a partner of For Our Future Action Fund, a left-of-center PAC that supports labor union-aligned organizations. 6

The organization has an associated PAC that supports Democratic candidates for public office in the state of Nevada. The PAC supported two candidates in 2018, giving $7,841 in 2018 to now-U.S. Rep. Susie Leem (D-NV) and $12,001 to now-U.S. Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV). 7


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