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Revenue: $9,573,773
Expenses: $4,257,086
Assets: $8,187,794




Environmental Advocacy Group


Green Tech Action Fund (2008-2017)

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The Energy Action Fund (until 2017 the Green Tech Action Fund) is a left-of-center environmental advocacy nonprofit and the 501(c)(4) lobbying arm of the Energy Foundation, a major pass-through funder to environmentalist organizations and causes. 1


Financial Overview

A financial overview for the Energy Action Fund (until 2017 the Green Tech Action Fund) is available below: 2

Energy (Green Tech) Action Fund Financial Overview
YearTotal RevenuesTotal ExpendituresGrants PaidNet Assets
*2014 Form 990 unavailable online

Donors to Energy Action Fund

Between 2008 and 2017, the Energy Foundation granted $17.3 million to the Energy Action Fund. 3

Grants from Energy Action Fund

The following are grants paid by the Energy Action Fund between 2008 and 2018 (2014 and 2015 grant data is unavailable): 4

Grant RecipientYearAmount
Advanced Energy Economy2018$45,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2018$287,000
Americans for a Balanced Budget2018$53,000
Asian Pacific Environmental Network Action2018$35,000
Blue Green Alliance2018$15,000
Christian Coalition of America2018$40,000
Citizens for Responsible Energy2018$50,000
Clean Air Clean Energy Washington2018$100,000
Clean Energy Economy Minnesota2018$10,000
Clean Power Campaign2018$12,000
Conservation Minnesota2018$18,000
Conservation Voters of New Mexico2018$80,000
Conservatives for a Clean Energy2018$360,000
Environment America2018$93,750
Environment California2018$50,000
Environmental Defense Action Fund2018$25,000
Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund2018$15,000
Institue for Local Self-Reliance2018$29,575
Keystone Energy Efficiency2018$33,000
League of Conservation Voters2018$6,335,000
Legacy Foundation Action Fund2018$68,500
Los Angeles Business Council2018$15,000
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid2018$30,000
Nevada Conservation League2018$200,000
North Carolina Justice Center2018$45,000
North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association2018$100,000
Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund2018$165,000
Ohio Citizen Action2018$55,000
Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund2018$97,950
Oregon League of Conservation Voters2018$23,000
Renew Oregon Action Fund2018$250,000
Resource Media2018$25,000
Retail Industry Leaders Association2018$100,000
Sierra Club - Pennsylvania Chapter2018$115,000
Silicon Valley Leadership Group2018$10,000
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League,2018$22,727
The Nature Conservancy2018$20,000
Tides Advocacy2018$176,000
Utility Reform Network2018$50,000
Western Conservation Action2018$150,000
Advanced Energy Economy2017$410,000
Battle Born Progress2017$40,000
California League of Conservation Voters2017$10,000
Christian Coalition of America2017$85,000
Clean Energy Economy Minnesota2017$10,000
Clean Power Campaign2017$65,000
Clean Water Action2017$23,060
Conservation Colorado2017$30,000
Environment California2017$10,000
Environmental Defense Action Fund2017$9,000
Hoosier Environmental Council2017$10,000
Interwest Energy Alliance2017$310,000
Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance2017$75,000
League of Conservation Voters2017$40,000
Michigan League of Conservation Voters2017$50,000
Nevada Conservation League2017$393,000
North Carolina Building Performance Association2017$20,000
Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund2017$20,000
Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund2017$20,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2017$475,000
Renew Missouri Advocates2017$10,000
Resource Media2017$30,000
Retail Industry Leaders Association2017$50,000
Sierra Club2017$10,000
Tides Advocacy2017$120,000
Utility Reform Network (TURN)2017$50,000
Virginia League of Conservation Voters2017$20,000
Virginia Poverty Law Center2017$7,000
Western Conservation Action2017$151,031
Advanced Energy Economy2016$60,000
Asian Pacific Environmental Network Action2016$10,000
California League of Conservation Voters2016$10,000
Christian Coalition of America2016$79,000
Citizens Utility Board2016$35,000
Clean Power Campaign2016$15,000
Conservation Colorado2016$15,000
Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania2016$10,000
Faith in Place Action Fund2016$25,000
Greenlining Action2016$10,000
Illinois Environmental Council2016$22,000
Illinois State Public Interest Research Group2016$14,000
Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance2016$95,000
League of Conservation Voters2016$1,327,500
Michigan Conservative Energy Forum2016$20,000
Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council2016$90,000
Michigan League of Conservation Voters2016$157,000
Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund2016$40,000
Resource Media2016$10,000
Sierra Club2016$20,000
Silicon Valley Leadership Group2016$10,000
Small Business Association of Michigan2016$15,000
The Wind Coalition2016$50,000
Wind Energy Foundation2016$20,000
Wind on the Wires2016$11,500
Blue Green Alliance2013$15,000
Christian Coalition of America2013$25,000
Citizens Utility Board of Oregon2013$30,000
Conservation New Hampshire Voter Center2013$10,000
Environmental Defense Action Fund2013$10,000
Envrionmental Law & Policy Center of the Midwest2013$50,000
Federation of State Conservation Voter Leagues (Conservation Minnesota Voter Center)2013$9,600
Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council2013$30,000
North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance2013$25,000
Ohio Advanced Energy Economy2013$50,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2013$400,000
Protect Ohio's Energy Future2013$110,000
Clean Energy Jobs Committee2012$206,000
Clean Energy Jobs Committee2012$490,000
Clean Energy Jobs Committee2012$280,000
Clean Wisconsin Action Fund2012$10,000
League of Conservation Voters2012$1,500,000
League of Conservation Voters2012$525,000
League of Conservation Voters2012$600,000
Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs2012$800,000
Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs2012$350,000
Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs2012$192,000
Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs2012$375,000
Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs2012$150,000
Advanced Energy Economy2011$1,000,000
Conservation Voters New Mexico2011$50,000
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest2011$75,000
Michigan League of Conservation Voters,2011$25,000
Moms Rising2011$100,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2011$500,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2011$1,000,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2011$450,000
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund2011$50,000
Truman National Security Project,2011$27,188
Utah Clean Energy Alliance2011$25,000
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy2010$40,000
Blue Green Alliance2010$500,000
Blue Green Alliance2010$300,000
Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs2010$500,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2010$299,750
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2010$12,500
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2010$676,500
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2010$21,000
Clean Wisconsin Action Fund2010$100,000
Climate Protection Action Fund2010$1,000,000
Conservation Law Foundation,2010$7,024
Efficiency First2010$25,000
Environment Colrado2010$41,000
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest2010$100,000
League of Conservation Voters2010$1,500,000
League of Conservation Voters2010$975,300
League of Conservation Voters2010$2,000,000
National Farmers Union2010$130,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2010$40,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2010$350,000
Public Interests Projects Action Fund2010$275,000
Sierra Club2010$500,000
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy2009$90,000
Blue Green Alliance2009$100,000
Blue Green Alliance2009$347,000
Blue Green Alliance2009$200,000
Blue Green Alliance2009$500,000
Blue Green Alliance2009$250,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2009$300,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2009$400,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2009$375,000
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2009$49,540
Advanced Energy Works (Clean Economy Network)2009$135,000
Conservation Voters of South Carolina2009$41,000
Environmental Defense Action Fund2009$500,000
Environmental Law & Policy Center2009$30,000
Environmental Law & Policy Center2009$70,000
Environmental Law & Policy Center2009$50,000
Fuse Washington2009$14,819
Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy2009$30,000
League of Conservation Voters2009$550,000
League of Conservation Voters2009$500,000
National Council of Churches USA2009$80,000
National Wildlife Federation2009$75,000
National Wildlife Federation2009$100,000
Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund2009$500,000
Partnership Project Action Fund2009$2,000,000
Progress Michigan2009$143,100
Sierra Club2009$500,000
Sierra Club2009$399,500
Tides Center2009$40,000
League of Conservation Voters2008$1,675,000
Sierra Club2008$700,000


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    Note: Form 990 filings for 2015 and 2014 are unavailable online for unclear reasons. Limited information for 2015 was obtained via the “previous year” data from the organization’s 2016 Form 990, but less information is available for 2014.

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    See grant data here:

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    Note: Form 990 filings for 2015 and 2014 are unavailable online for unclear reasons.

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Nonprofit Information

  • Accounting Period: December - November
  • Tax Exemption Received: January 1, 2009

  • Available Filings

    Period Form Type Total revenue Total functional expenses Total assets (EOY) Total liabilities (EOY) Unrelated business income? Total contributions Program service revenue Investment income Comp. of current officers, directors, etc. Form 990
    2017 Dec Form 990 $9,573,773 $4,257,086 $8,187,794 $241,669 N $9,565,830 $0 $17 $61,049 PDF
    2016 Dec Form 990 $3,698,658 $4,734,321 $2,741,264 $111,826 N $3,691,000 $0 $0 $47,819 PDF
    2015 Dec Form 990 $5,241,068 $3,345,651 $3,976,804 $311,703 N $5,241,068 $0 $0 $14,049
    2014 Dec Form 990 $2,594,175 $1,843,036 $1,894,269 $124,585 N $2,594,175 $0 $0 $6,356
    2013 Dec Form 990 $1,990,001 $1,287,220 $1,094,227 $75,682 N $1,990,001 $0 $0 $8,116 PDF
    2012 Dec Form 990 $3,834,671 $5,959,279 $1,000,690 $684,926 N $3,834,671 $0 $0 $76,314 PDF
    2011 Dec Form 990 $3,740,000 $4,269,790 $2,623,645 $183,255 N $3,740,000 $0 $0 $39,553 PDF
    2010 Dec Form 990 $6,728,000 $11,710,344 $3,217,887 $247,707 N $6,728,000 $0 $0 $100,898 PDF

    Additional Filings (PDFs)

    Energy Action Fund (Green Tech Action Fund)

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