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Executive Director:

Christine White


Donor Coalition

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The Georgia Alliance for Progress (GAP) is a coalition of Georgia-focused donors to left-of-center and left-wing causes, including pro-abortion advocacy, expansionist immigration policies, and increased labor regulations. GAP is a member of the Funders Committee for Civic Participation, a donors’ affinity group for left-wing voter engagement advocacy. 1


As of November 2020, GAP is registered as an LLC. 2 The organization posted two job notices in early 2018, one of which stated the intention to recruit a board of directors. 34 No board or list of donor groups is given on the organization’s website, but both job roles have been filled and are still active according to LinkedIn profiles. 56


Christine White

Christine White is the Executive Director of GAP. She has worked at ESG since 2018, previously as the Deputy Executive Director as well as the Director of Operations until 2021 when she was appointed to the position of ED. 7 8 Before working at ESG, she worked as a judicial clerk and eventually the Deputy District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia. In addition, she previously served as a senior counsel for tax law firm White Legal Strategy, LLC within the greater Atlanta area. 9 10

Anna Beck

Anna Beck is the director of development of GAP. Beck has fifteen years of fundraising experience in Georgia. She was the executive director of Georgia’s WIN List, a PAC focused on supporting Democratic women who run for office and work on campaigns,11 including Meg Robinson. 12 Beck was also the deputy finance director of former Georgia Assemblyman Jim Martin (D-Atlanta)’s unsuccessful 2008 Georgia State Senate run. 13


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Georgia Alliance for Progress

Atlanta, GA