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FracTracker Alliance is a left-of-center, anti-natural-gas-development organization that maps, studies, and communicates the alleged negative effects of oil and gas development. It also supports groups across the United States and provides data, maps, tools, and analysis articles about fracking in an effort to oppose the natural gas collection practice. It was originally established as a project to investigate data gaps and health concerns surrounding fracking in western Pennsylvania. [1]


FracTracker Alliance publishes articles on how activities involving oil and gas development impact legislation, climate change, air pollution, economics, petrochemicals, wildlife, and ecology. [2] Fractracker Alliance published an article entitled “Documenting Emissions From New Oil and Gas Wells in California,” which claimed that various oil and gas wells caused pollution and negatively the surrounding envrionemnt. [3] The Alliance also published an article entitled “Missouri’s Clean Energy is Behind in the Game, but At Least They’re Trying,” which evaluated how quickly Missouri was moving away from conventional energy sources towards environmentalist power like solar and wind. [4]

In 2015, the FracTracker Alliance launched a mobile app that allows users to track and report on the quality of nearby wells. The app allows users to click on the wells to see more information about a particular site, such as when it was drilled or who operates the well. The app also lets its users make comments and post pictures about individual well sites. [5]

The FracTracker Alliance also launched the FracTracker Web App that explores the scope and impacts of gas and oil development. It has similar features to the mobile app, such as the activity feed which features and maps user reports. It also has a customizable map that allows users to select which type of user reports appear and which types of development to track. [6]

On August 18, 2020, the Fractracker Alliance dispatched two teams to travel across the Ohio River Valley in order to create a virtual story map in real time.  The story map argues that conventional energy programs and petrochemical development have negatively impacted the region’s people and environment. Some of the sites on the map include the Bruce Mansfield coal power plant, the Shell Ethane Cracker construction site, the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station, the Cardinal Coal-Fired Power Plant, and the Guernsey Power Station. [7]

In 2021, Fractracker Alliance obtained documents which alleged that the Shell Falcon Pipeline was under investigation for safety issues involving the Pennsylvania Attorney General, the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The investigation is ongoing and focused on potential “noncompliance with construction and public safety requirements and alleged cover-up of incidents that could put the public at risk.” Fractracker Alliance has alleged that the pipeline company may have constructed the Falcon pipeline with defective corrosion coating protection. [8]


David “Brook” Lenker is the executive director of FracTracker Alliance and is based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. He is the overseer of the fundraising, program, and operational activities of FracTracker. Before working at FracTracker, Brook was the director of watershed stewardship for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and worked as manager of education and outreach for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. [9]

John Dawes is the president of FracTracker Alliance. He has also been the executive director of the left-of-center Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds since 1994. [10]


Donors to (Original Project)

FracTracker originated as a website run by the University of Pittsburgh, created in 2010. [11] (and its associated Ohio project) was financed with grants from a number of left-of-center foundations, most notably Heinz Endowments, a left-of-center grantmaking foundation in Pennsylvania associated with liberal activists and Democratic donors John Kerry and Teresa Heinz.

Between 2011 and 2013, Heinz Endowments paid three grants totaling $564,100 to the left-of-center pass-through group Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds to support FracTracker. [12]

The following are known grants to the original FracTracker website: [13] In 2015, Heinz paid $873,200 to FracTracker Alliance in four grants. [14]

The following are known donors to FracTracker Alliance as a stand-alone nonprofit: [15]

FoundationAmountYearGrant Description
Heinz Endowments$400,000 2015To support mapping analytical work and community research in shale areas and to support planning and execution of oil train conferences in Pittsburgh pa
Heinz Endowments$383,200 2015To support expanded mapping and analytical activities to inform and educate constituencies about impacts of hydro fracturing
Schmidt Family Foundation$100,000 2014To support analysis on environmental public health and socioeconomic impacts of the oil and gas industry.
Schmidt Family Foundation$100,000 2015Putting data to work
Schmidt Family Foundation$100,000 2016Empowering California and Colorado communities to a better energy future
Schmidt Family Foundation$100,000 2013To provide general operating support
Pittsburgh Foundation$75,000 2018ENVIRONMENT
Colcom Foundation$55,000 2017Supporting public understanding of ethane-based industry build out in southwestern Pennsylvania
Colcom Foundation$53,000 2014Drilling into monitoring
Heinz Endowments$50,000 2015To support planning and execution of conferences in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania addressing the risks associated .with transporting volatile crude oil by rail
Park Foundation$43,000 2014Continued role as a resource for understanding the impacts of unconventional od and gas development in New York
Park Foundation$40,000 2013Empowering New Yorkers with shale gas data information and insights
Heinz Endowments$40,000 2015To expand community environmental and experiential data in shale fields
John M Hopwood Charitable Trust$25,000 2017YEARLY GRANT DISTRIBUTION
Neall Family Charitable Foundation$20,000 2017GENERAL CHARITABLE PURPOSES
Hillsdale Fund Inc$15,000 2016The purpose of each grant is to assist the tax exempt organization to carry out its exempt purpose
Neall Family Charitable Foundation$10,000 2016General charitable purposes
Patagonia Org$4,000 2015To support environmental projects


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    Donors to FracTracker Alliance

    In 2019, Heinz Endowments donated a total of $565,000 across three grants to FracTracker Alliance. [note]Return of Foundation Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990-PF). Heinz Endowments. 2019. Schedule I. Archived: ^

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