Defend American Democracy

Defend American Democracy, a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, is a left-of-center advocacy group. It spends large sums on advertisements targeting Republican candidates and lawmakers, localizing their efforts around one district and then moving on. It lists itself as a project of Protect the Investigation, another project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund that runs advertisements targeting Republican lawmakers. Defend American Democracy lists Republicans for Rule of Law – an organization that pressures Republicans with advertisement buys to support impeachment – as one of its partners. Spokesman Zack DiGregorio described Defend American Democracy as a “broad coalition of organizations focused on security and veterans issues.” [1]


  1. Massoglia, Anna, and Karl Evers-Hillstrom. “Liberal ‘dark money’ operation behind ads urgin Republicans to support impeachment.” Center for Responsive Politics. November 20, 2019. ^

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