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Left-of-center grantmaking organization

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The Agape Foundation Fund for Nonviolent Social Change was a left-of-center organization established in 1969 that helped to finance other organizations committed to nonviolent social change for over 40 years. The Agape foundation is now defunct, as it decided merge its resources with the Peace Development Fund in 2012 and has since closed. 1


The Agape Foundation was founded in 1969 in Palo Alto, California. It describes its founders as “pacifists and anti-war activists.” 2 The organization started in order to assist in financing the activities of groups opposed to the Vietnam War. 3

The Agape Foundation originators wanted to create a movement that “presented a serious challenge to the Pentagon and the American culture of violence.” In order to achieve that it decided to financially back groups that it believed were nonviolent, focused on social change, and exceptionally committed to peace and justice issues. 4

Overview and Activities

The Agape Foundation’s overall objectives were greatly influenced by socialist values and ideals. Its declaration states that “We are committed to true human security through equitably redistributing resources and challenging all forms of oppression.” The Agape Foundation has made many other similar statements that greatly imply its practice of socialist idealism. For example: “We promote community-based efforts towards creating systemic change for social justice.” 5

The Agape Foundation was very active in its financing activities during its existence. It raised over $13 million and assisted over 800 various groups and organizations. Through its work over the years it helped grow many Bay Area and national left-progressive organizations including the People’s Grocery, United Farm Workers Ministry, Center for Independent Living, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Amnesty International’s West Coast Office. 6

The Agape Foundation awarded grants from a minimum amount of $500 to a maximum amount of $2,000. It also supported media projects that support grassroots organizing and media activism by media producers that were based in California. 7 The Agape Foundation also offered a fiscal sponsorship program that allowed donors to make tax-deductible contributions to other specific groups in various states like Texas, Nebraska and Wyoming who did not have tax-exempt status. These groups must have had budgets under $100,000 and must have been under 5 years of age. 8iv


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