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350 PDX is a Portland, Oregon-based child organization of, a left-of-center environmentalist organization that advocates for eliminating the use of conventional energy sources. It has advocated for ending America’s market-capitalist and political systems, alleging that the country is “steeped in white supremacy culture.” 1


350 PDX has advocated for blocking any new conventional energy developments. The organization has protested and advocated for boycotts of banks that finance conventional energy companies. 2 Additionally, 350 PDX has organized protests of conventional fuel pipelines and advocated against natural gas fracking. 34

350 PDX has also been critical of an alleged lack of regulation on conventional fuel companies, stating that the government has not done enough to ensure that they are operating safely. This has led to activists performing their own surveillance of conventional fuel companies out of suspicion of allegedly environmentally harmful activity. 5

In November 2019, 350 PDX activists participated in a protest of the development of an oil pipeline at the Oregon governor’s office. Protestors demanded insisted that they would not leave the building until the pipeline project was cancelled, resulting in 21 individuals being arrested and charged with criminal trespass. 6

In October 2020, 350 PDX, alongside other organizations, filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), alleging that the agency violated environmental law by using tear gas as a chemical agent during protests and riots earlier in the year, purportedly causing harm to the environment and citizens’ health. 7

In 2017, 350 PDX convinced Portland Public Schools to integrate a “climate justice resolution” that would incorporate environmentalist classes and programs into the Portland public education system. The resolution is the first of its kind and has inspired other cities to incorporate similar programs. The program has been applauded by the political left for countering so-called “climate denial” and environmental deregulation, and teaching for student environmentalist ideals. 8

350 PDX has advocated for the Green New Deal and a transition from infrastructure using conventional energy to one that solely uses environmentalist energy sources. The organization also advocates that this transition prioritize racial minorities in hiring and institute a government-controlled healthcare system. 9


Dineen O’Rourke is a campaign manager for 350 PDX. She has a history of environmentalist activism and lobbying, working as a field organizer for the Sierra Club and other local environmentalist organizations. 10

Chris Palmer is the communications and volunteer manager of 350 PDX. He is responsible for press releases and has previously worked as a “sustainability advisor,” encouraging businesses to do things like fly less to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmentalism. 11


350 PDX is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It reported $244,521 in contributions and $204,725 in salaries paid in 2018. 12


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  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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