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    Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

    See also: For a more complete list of public figures who promoted collusion claims, please see this resource  from the Capital Research Center. Starting at least by July 2016 and continuing through March 2019, the FBI and then the office of Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert
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    Vote Early Day

    Vote Early Day is a movement by a coalition of nonprofits and businesses which encourages voters to use early ballots and wants October 24 to become the official “Vote Early Day” holiday. Though Vote Early Day was initially spearheaded by the media company, MTV,[557] it has become a
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    Youth Climate Strike

    Youth Climate Strike is an ostensibly youth-led environmentalist organization that organizes students skipping school in order to protest for environmentalist austerity policies to combat climate change. In addition to organizing protests involving students skipping school, the group has also applied pressure to Democrat presidential primary candidates on climate issues. History