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Racial Equity Consultants (REC) is a consulting group based in Seattle, Washington that provides critical race theory-aligned racial equity training and consulting services to public and private organizations. It is co-owned by Frances Partridge and Marlon Brown. 1


Racial Equity Consultants LLC was formed in 2016 when it was registered by Frances Partridge with the Washington Secretary of State’s office. Frances Partridge and Marlon Brown are co-owners. 2

Consulting Services

Racial Equity Consultants provides several consulting services. Its consultants coach the executive leadership of companies to incorporate critical race theory-aligned notions of racial equity in their organizations through one-on-one coaching or group training sessions. It also assesses current racial equity practices for companies and organizations and develop plans to address and measure gaps, and provides strategic planning and implementation tracks for racial equity in the workforce. Finally, it facilitates group training on challenging institutional racism and addressing white privilege, as well as “racial caucusing.” 3

Racial caucusing is a technique through which people work within their own racial or ethnic groups. The white caucus is meant to enable white people to understand white culture and white privilege without people of color explaining it to them from their perspectives. For people of color, the caucus is a place to discuss the impacts of racism and to support each other. 4

Resources that Racial Equity Consultants references on its website include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the Center for Social Inclusion. 5


Clients of Racial Equity Consultants include private corporations, public institutions, and nonprofit organizations. 6

In 2019, REC worked with the District Equity Team of the Bethel, Washington School District on a two-year study to assess current district equity practices and create a plan and ways to measure equity, diversity, and inclusivity going forward. 7

REC has worked with other public-school systems, including Seattle Public Schools, Kennydale Elementary School, Campbell Hill Elementary, Snoqualmie Valley School District, and Maplewood Heights Elementary School, all in Washington. 8

Additional clients include the ACLU of Washington; 9 the Campion Advocacy Fund, which focuses on environmentalism and ending homelessness in the Seattle area; 10 Miller Hull, a Seattle architecture firm focused on sustainability and elimination of greenhouse gas emissions; 11 Floyd Snider, an environmental consulting firm based in Seattle; 12 and the Legal Foundation of Washington, a legal aid organization. 13


Marlon Brown is co-owner of Racial Equity Consultants. Brown graduated from the University of Washington in 2013 with a certificate in IT Project Management. 14 Brown published a blog post asserting that United States leadership is leveraging COVID-19 to enable genocide and ethnic cleansing of black people. 15

Frances Partridge is co-owner of Racial Equity Consultants. Partridge has a master’s degree from the University of Washington in Education Policy and Administration. Partridge worked within the Seattle educational system as a teacher and an instructional coach before helping form Racial Equity Consultants. 16


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