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Berger Montague is an American law firm politically notable for its attorneys’ support of Democratic Party-aligned candidates and causes.


In 1970, former Philadelphia City Solicitor David Berger founded Berger Montague. Since then, the firm has involved itself in an array of increasingly prominent instances of class action litigation. The firm represented plaintiffs in the Michael Milken securities and bankruptcy litigation in the aftermath of the junk bond market collapse, served as principal trial counsel in Exxon Valdez oil spill litigation, lead counsel in school asbestos lawsuits, and was also the lead and liaison counsel in litigation related to the Three Mile Island nuclear incident. 1

Additionally, the firm represents many state and municipal retirement fund investors, such as the state retirement funds of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Ohio, as well as that of the City of Philadelphia. 2

Notably, the firm was also involved as a member of the executive committee of the Holocaust victim assets litigation in litigation concerning several Swiss banks and Holocaust victims whose deposits were not returned after World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany. The litigation eventually resulted in a $1.25 billion settlement. 3

The firm maintains its original office in Philadelphia, as well as three others in Washington, DC; San Diego, California; and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 4

Democratic Party Connections

The right-of-center Alliance for Consumers describes Berger Montague as a member of the “Shady Eight,” a group of law firms that receive substantial government contracts. Their lawyers also support left-of-center and Democratic Party-aligned candidates and causes. However, the organization notes that the firm was one of the least polarized of the eight, with only 98 percent of political donations from the firm’s staff going to support Democrats. 5

Daniel Berger, a senior member and executive shareholder of the firm is particularly notable for his support and involvement in Democratic causes. For instance, Berger was a bundler for the presidential reelection campaign of Barack Obama, and has made at least 29 contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Committee, totaling $347,000, as well as 12 contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, totaling $87,200. 6


Eric L. Cramer

Eric L. Cramer is the chairman of Berger Montague and co-chair of the firm’s antitrust department. Additionally, he is a member of the advisory board of the Institute of Consumer Antitrust Studies of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, a senior fellow of the American Antitrust Institute, a member of the board of directors of Public Justice (formerly Trial Lawyers for Public Justice), a board member of the Economy League of Philadelphia, and a board member of the Center for Literacy. 7

Formerly, Berger was president of the Committee to Support Antitrust Laws, a co-founder, and president of the board of trustees of the Independence Charter School (for which he also served as litigation counsel), and chair of the board of EducationVotersPA, a left-of-center nonprofit in Pennsylvania focused on education issues and voter mobilization. 8

Daniel Berger

Daniel Berger is a senior member and executive shareholder of Berger Montague. Aside from his support for Democratic Party candidates and aligned causes detailed above, Berger is also a partner of the Democracy Alliance and a board member of the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. Formerly, Berger was a member of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Cultural Advisory Council, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, and Pennsylvania Humanities Council, a state organization which assists in the administration of grants from the United States National Endowment for the Arts. 9


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