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    Center for Disaster Philanthropy

    Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is a group focused on disaster relief and assistance. 1 CDP is a former project of the left-of-center funding and advocacy nonprofit New
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    Center for Cultural Power

    The Center for Cultural Power (previously Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund) is a left-of-center organization led by women of color artists focused on activism and community organizing through art.
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    The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP)

    The Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy is a left-of-center, non-profit law firm and that works on climate related issues in communities located in the south of the United States. The GCCLP’s operations work through the Gulf South states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.
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    Fe y Justicia Worker Center

    Fe Y Justicia Workers Center (FYJWC) is a left-of-center worker center that provides a gathering place and organizing network for low-wage workers in Houston, Texas. 1 The organization provides low-wage workers with
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    Miami Workers Center

    The Miami Workers Center (MWC) is a left-of-center labor advocacy organization funded by George Soros’s Open Society Network. 1 MWC was founded by Tony Romano and Gihan Perera, left-wing professional
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    Loud Hound Foundation

    The Loud Hound Foundation is a San Francisco-based left-of-center grantmaking foundation. 1 William Moritz is the president of the Loud Hound Foundation. His father, venture capital billionaire and Sequoia Capital director
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    Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE)

    CARE (an acronym for Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) is an international humanitarian relief organization. It was started in 1945 at the end of World War II as a temporary organization to provide food packages containing military rations to those in Europe who were suffering from starvation and famine.
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    Klarman Family Foundation

    Klarman Family Foundation is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that is the private foundation of investor Seth Karman, the brother of left-of-center academic Michael Klarman. 1
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    Schoellkopf Family Foundation

    Schoellkopf Family Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that supports left-leaning advocacy groups with relatively small grants. The organization maintains no website, and tax return documents list its president, Sarah Schoellkopf, as its sole leadership faculty.
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    Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

    Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF) is a left-of-center advocacy organization which allocates funds to left-progressive organizations that focus on workers within the restaurant industry. It aims to change how the industry operates by unionizing workers and advocating for restaurant workers’ interests under labor law.
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    Charity and Security Network (C&SN)

    Charity and Security Network (C&SN) is an advocate for civil society organizations working in areas where known terrorist groups are present, with a focus on the Palestinian territories. It was founded with funding from Open Society Foundations and sponsorship from the Center for Effective Government, formerly OMB Watch.
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    Institute of International Education (IIE)

    The Institute of International Education oversees and manages international educational exchange initiatives for individuals in the United States and overseas. The nonprofit receives donations from left-leaning organizations, such as the Ford Foundation. Background The Institute of International Education (IIE) was established in 1919 by Nobel Peace Prize laureates Nicholas
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    Foundation for Louisiana (FFL)

    Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) is a left-of-center grantmaking and fiscal sponsorship organization that works in areas of “racial healing,” gender issues, environmentalism, and left-of-center economic policy in that state. Although its gender program was started in 2015, it is still in its formation and funding stage.
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    Higherlife Foundation

    The Higherlife Foundation is an African-based private grantmaking foundation that prioritizes funding educational projects and scholarships for African children, including the Capernaum scholarship, which focuses on orphaned and disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe, and the Joshua Nkomo scholarship, which focuses on students that have performed exceptionally well on examinations.
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    Seattle Foundation

    The Seattle Foundation is a nonprofit organization that in 2021 provided over $196 million in grants to left-of-center groups in the Seattle, Washington area. 1 It states that it seeks
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    Commentary Inc.

    Commentary Inc. is the publisher of Commentary, a monthly opinion magazine that was founded in 1945 by the American Jewish Committee. Commentary has consistently focused its content on American intellectual life, covering topics like the fate of democracy, the future of Jewish people and culture in Israel, the U.S., and
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    Eric Braverman

    Eric Braverman is an American businessman with an extensive track record in the left-of-center philanthropic industry. He is the chief executive officer of Schmidt Futures, a grantmaking project of Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of the tech giant Google and its parent company Alphabet. Braverman is
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    Entertainment Industry Foundation

    The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) is a major philanthropic organization backed by major players in the film industry, the music industry, and other American entertainment industries. Founded in 1942 by several leading figures in Hollywood, the foundation claims to have raised more than $1 billion throughout its existence and contributes
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    Scaife Family Foundation

    The Scaife Family Foundation was created by Jennie Scaife and David Scaife, the children of Richard Mellon Scaife, who was the grandnephew of industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Mellon. Though it had previously supported right-leaning policy organizations, the foundation now mostly supports animal welfare, family preservation, and addiction-recovery programs. Pittsburgh Origins
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    Catholic Charities USA

     Catholic Charities USA (CCU) is an umbrella group for local charities throughout the United States affiliated with the Catholic Church. It is the largest social safety net provider in the United States after the federal government.