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    The Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust

    The Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust is a philanthropic organization, which mainly funds right-of-center think tanks, conservationist organizations, and projects focused on easing prison conditions. Background The Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust was formed in March 2003 as a philanthropic organization in Brooklyn, New York by Robert W. Wilson, an
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    Meyer Memorial Trust

    The Meyer Memorial Trust is an Oregon-based left-of-center grantmaking organization founded by funds from the estate of Fred G. Meyer, the owner of the regional grocery store chain Fred Meyer. [19] Since its founding in 1982, Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded grants in excess of $840 million to
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    Winter Wildlands Alliance

    The Winter Wildlands Alliance is a left-of-center environmentalist nonprofit organization that works towards preserving winter wildlands through political campaigns and other activities. [69] It has a large network, has received millions of dollars in funding from environmentalist foundations like Patagonia, [70] and publicly supports
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    Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

    The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust is the private grantmaking foundation of the late real estate developer and philanthropist Bernard Spitzer and his wife, Anne, whose children include former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D). The foundation is a major contributor to left-of-center nonprofits. Background Formed in 2001
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    Trust for Public Land

    The Trust for Public Land is a US nonprofit organization that facilitates and funds the creation of parks and protected lands. The organization originally differentiated itself from other environmental organizations and land trusts with a particular emphasis on human community benefits as opposed to wildlife, ecosystem, or agricultural landscape preservation.
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    Our Children’s Trust

    Our Children’s Trust is a left-of-center “public interest” litigation group which has filed lawsuits on behalf of children and young adults in court to secure “systemic, science-based emissions reductions and climate recovery policy at all levels of government.”[111] The Trust is most famous for filing the case Juliana
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    Civic Eagle

    Civic Eagle is a for-profit company that sells Enview, a federal and state-level legislation tracking and explaining service to businesses, nonprofits, lobbying groups, and law firms, From its founding in 2019 to May 2022, Civic Eagle had served more than 2,000 users [127] and 100 clients, including
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    Litterman Family Foundation

    The Litterman Family Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation based in New York City. It is the private grantmaking foundation of Wall Street financier Robert B. Litterman. [158] The foundation is a supporter of relatively noncontroversial causes such as education- and health care-related charities. But the foundation is
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    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

    Known as the Bureau of Investigation until 1935, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was created within the Department of Justice in 1908, in defiance of a prior refusal by Congress to fund it. One lawmaker had predicted that the Bureau would become a “central police or spy system
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    David H. Koch

    David H. Koch was an industrialist and philanthropist who owned 42 percent of the shares of Koch Industries, a privately held conglomerate. Koch willed his shares to his widow, Julia Koch, and his three children. Forbes estimated in 2022 the shares were worth $60 billion, making Julia Koch the third-richest
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    Mighty Arrow Family Foundation

    Mighty Arrow Family Foundation is a left-of-center environmentalist [1092] and critical race theory-influenced [1093] grantmaking foundation located in Fort Collins, Colorado. [1094] [1095] Originally established by New Belgium Brewing Company co-founder Kim Jordan as the New Belgium Family Foundation in 2012, Mighty
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    Omidyar Network Fund

    The Omidyar Network Fund is a grantmaking nonprofit founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam Omidyar. Its sister group, the Omidyar Network, is an LLC that makes philanthropic “impact investments.” Omidyar Network Fund and the Omidyar Network are often referred to interchangeably, and both support
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    Digital Liberty

    Digital Liberty is a project of Americans for Tax Reform that advocates for free-market technology, telecommunications, and media policy. [1180] A conservative-leaning group, Digital Liberty has opposed Republican efforts to regulate large technology firms through changes to antitrust laws and advocates for doing away with restrictions on
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    Commission on Information Disorder

    The Commission on Information Disorder is a project of the Aspen Institute that was created in March 2021 to conduct a six-month study of alleged misinformation and disinformation on topics including “vaccine safety” and the 2020 presidential election. It is completely funded by the Craig Newmark Foundation.
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    Biden Administration – Department of the Interior

    This profile contains Biden Administration nominations and appointments made at the U.S. Department of the Interior. Nominations and Appointments Tommy Beaudreau is Deputy Secretary of the Interior. He was most recently a partner at the law firm of Latham & Watkins, and before that served in the U.S. Department
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    Pacific Legal Foundation

    Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is a libertarian public interest law firm founded in 1973 that represents clients at no charge. [1226] PLF’s founders believed public interest law had drifted into supporting, rather than challenging, government authority. [1227] They intended the firm to be an antidote to
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    Stainman Family Foundation

    The Stainman Family Foundation is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that supports taxpayer-funded abortion, left-leaning social activism, left-leaning election law organizations, and environmentalist organizations. [1317] It was established in by Arthur Stainman and his wife Lois in 1998 and makes contributions to left of-center organizations. [1318]
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    Heritage Foundation

    The Heritage Foundation is a right-of-center policy think tank founded in 1973 that researches and recommends policies such as free markets, limited government, a strong national defense, and courts that adhere to the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution. [1337] [1338] Many of Heritage’s most significant
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    Lucy Burns Institute

    The Lucy Burns Institute (LBI) is a nonpartisan educational organization that publishes Ballotpedia, an online encyclopedia of over 300,000 articles related to American politics and elections. [1535] The Lucy Burns Institute has been doing business as Ballotpedia since 2016. The Lucy Burns Institute is an associate member of
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    Platte Institute for Economic Research

    The Platte Institute for Economic Research is a non-partisan public policy think tank that promotes free enterprise and individual liberty. Its research focuses on government spending, regulatory reform, and tax policy in Nebraska. [1553] The Platte Institute is an affiliate member of the State Policy Network, a