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    The Funding Exchange

    The Funding Exchange is a national network of social justice foundations including Crossroads Fund, Foundation for Change, and Liberty Hill Foundation.
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    State Innovation Exchange (SIX)

    The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) was founded in late 2014 to promote the progressive agenda at the state level amid substantial losses for progressives in state legislative elections. A merger of several progressive organizations, including the American Legislative Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), the Progressive States Network (PSN) and its affiliated
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    Jewish Voice for Peace

    Jewish Voice for Peace is a left-wing, nominally Jewish group that opposes U.S. assistance to the state of Israel and supports allowing Palestinians to live on land within Israel vacated by Arabs during the Israeli War of Independence. The group supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to
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    Trinh Duong

    Trinh Duong is the Vice Chair and Director of Grantmaking Programs at the Funding Exchange.
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    Voter Engagement Evaluation Project (VEEP)

    The Voter Engagement Evaluation Project (VEEP) was a donor collaborative which funneled grants to left-wing voter registration and mobilization groups. VEEP was  co-sponsored by the Proteus Fund and Funders Committee for Civic Participation, a donor affinity group for major center-left funders (itself a project of NEO Philanthropy).
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    Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF Social Finance)

    The Rudolf Steiner Foundation (better known today by its business name RSF Social Finance) is a financial services organization which receives its funding from a group of investors and uses its resources to issue loans and grants to a variety of businesses and advocacy groups with left-of-center missions.
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    CLIMA Fund

    The CLIMA Fund (Climate Leaders In Movement Action Fund), formerly the Grassroots Climate Solutions Fund, is a left-of-center environmental funding project hosted by the funding organization Thousand Currents (formerly known as IDEX, the International Development Exchange). The CLIMA Fund was founded in 2016 as a collaboration between Thousand Currents,
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    Matt Christman

    Matt Christman is one of three co-founders and regular co-hosts of Chapo Trap House (Chapo), a for-profit socialist podcast. As of March 2019, Chapo reportedly grossed more than $120,000 per month through the website Patreon. [73] Christman attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and met his wife in
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    Democracy Forward (DF)

    Democracy Forward (DF) is a center-left litigation and advocacy nonprofit created in early 2017 by high-level Democratic Party operatives. The organization has been aggressive in targeting the Trump administration.[108] Examples include an ethics complaint against Ivanka Trump, alleging she was illegally promoting her clothing apparel line by wearing
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    Emma Lozano

    For more information on the 2018 migrant caravans from Central America, see Pueblo Sin Fronteras and Centro Sin Fronteras Emma Lozano is a left-wing activist, founder and president of the illegal immigration advocacy group Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”), executive director of migrant caravan organizing group Pueblo Sin
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    CARA Family Detention Project

    The CARA Family Detention Project (or CARA) organizes pro bono legal services for migrants who have entered the United States without permission and are seeking asylum, especially in family units. It is jointly operated by four organizations that individually advocate for liberalized U.S. immigration policy and/or provide free legal assistance
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    American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

    The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a dues- and membership-supported organization for lawyers who practice immigration law. Its programs are aimed at improving the practice of immigration law, promoting liberalized immigration, and advancing the policy argument that immigrants improve the U.S. economy.[211] AILA has been a frequent
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    Centro Sin Fronteras

    The Centro Sin Fronteras (“Center Without Borders”), officially the Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network, is a 501(c)(3) illegal immigration activist organization. The Center was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1987 by Emma Lozano, a pastor at the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago, Illinois. [241]
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    Pueblo Sin Fronteras

    For more information on Pueblo Sin Fronteras, see Centro Sin Fronteras and La Familia Latina Unida (Nonprofits) The Pueblo Sin Fronteras (“People Without Borders”) is a project of La Familia Latina Unida, a Chicago, Illinois-based 501(c)(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization formed in 2001 by Elvira Arellano, an
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    Our Story Hub

    Our Story is a project of the Proteus Fund established to work with left-of-center advocacy organizations and elected leaders on communication strategies and messaging. Our Story provides consulting services to facilitate the development and dissemination of left-of-center political propaganda. Our Story provides previously developed “narratives,” designed to be “used
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    Laurie Zeller

    Laurie Zeller, sometimes written as Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller, is currently a Denver-based non-profit consultant. She has served as an executive at several left-wing organizations in Colorado. Zeller has been involved in left-wing causes since the 1980s. She was executive director of the Colorado Democracy Alliance. As of early 2019,
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    Majority Forward

    Majority Forward is a Democratic Party-aligned advocacy group that campaigns against Republicans and conservative causes. It works on voter registration and voter turnout operations. It is associated with the Senate Majority PAC and has established working relationships with other left-of-center groups such as Vote Vets. The organization was
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    Paradigm Partners

    Paradigm Partners is a Denver, Colorado-based holding company investment advisory service firm. It was founded by Doug Phelps, president of the Public Interest Network, and is a member of the network. Paradigm Partners is the owner of Green Century Capital Management, a left-leaning investment management firm whose board
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    Democracy North Carolina

    Democracy North Carolina (or Democracy NC) is a left-of-center group based in Durham, North Carolina that lobbies against voter integrity measures and for campaign speech restrictions. It is often portrayed as a neutral organization but it has received funding from the Reynolds-family-related left-wing foundations [514] and out-of-state liberals,
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    Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

    The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFMN) is an organization that campaigns for center-left ideas and policies. They also provide funding for various groups and organizations on the political left such as abortion providers and civil rights organizations. It also spends large sums of money on lobbying state lawmakers. The organization