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  • Non-profit

    OneAmerica Foundation

    OneAmerica lobbies and organizes for left-of-center causes, focusing on immigrant rights, including illegal immigrants in the United States. OneAmerica has shaped national policy on racial ...
  • Labor Union

    Unite Here Local 6

    The Hotel, Restaurant, Club Employees, and Bartenders Union, known formally as Unite Here Local 6, is a labor union representing employees in the hotel industry ...
  • Person

    Peter Ward

    Peter Ward is the president of the New York Hotel Trades Council (HTC), vice-president of the New York State AFL-CIO, and has been ...
  • For-profit

    Project New America

    Project New America (also known as the Majority Institute) is a for-profit left-of-center research and strategy hub that works on polling voters and analyzing their ...
  • Non-profit

    Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

    Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) is a coalition of more than 30 left-leaning groups which provides research, campaign support, and legislative agenda guidance in ...
  • Non-profit

    Oil Change International

    Oil Change International is an environmentalist organization which advocates against the use of oil and other traditional energy sources. Its work consists of research on ...
  • For-profit

    Palmer Group Media (PGM)

    Palmer Group Media (PGM) is a digital strategy firm based in New York City that has provided services to a number of left-of-center organizations. The ...
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