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    America Votes Pennsylvania

    America Votes Pennsylvania is considered a core state in the America Votes state network. A core state is one that works directly under America ...
  • Non-profit

    Active Minds

    Active Minds Inc (Active Minds) is nonprofit organization that is composed of over 600 chapters at colleges and high schools in America. The chapters provide ...
  • Non-profit

    A New Way of Life

    A New Way of Life is a Los Angeles, California-based nonprofit that works on providing services to formerly incarcerated women. The organization focuses on providing ...
  • Non-profit

    The Achievement Network

    The Achievement Network (ANet) is a left-of-center organization that offers consulting services to school systems. It works with school systems to develop identity politics-based equity ...
  • Non-profit

    Maine Citizens For Clean Elections

    Maine Citizens For Clean Elections is a left-of-center organization that works on campaign finance and other election policy-related issues in Maine. The organization supports taxpayer-funded ...
  • Non-profit

    Measures for Justice (MFJ)

    Measures for Justice (MFJ) is a Rochester, New York-based nonprofit that collects, organizes, and publicizes criminal justice data from around the United States. Founded in ...
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    Jonathan M. Smith

    Jonathan Smith is the executive director of the Washington Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs (WLC), a left-of-center public interest law firm ...
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